ALLMETEO OPEN WIND Data Format: MeteoHelix IoT Sigfox & LoRaWAN wireless message bit string verifier calculator
This calculator is meant for quick message decoding for MeteoWind IoT wind transmitters that send 9 byte bit-shifted string. (Sigfox: 9 Bytes comply with Worldwide regulations duty cycle to allow 144 messages/day.)  
MeteoWind IoT PROTOCOL START BIT (Type) = 0  
Input 9 byte or longer string (hex) =  
hex converted to binary =  
bit shifting string start position =    
Physical Property Measured = Type Battery Wind_ave10 Wind_max10 Wind_min10 Dir_ave10 Dir_max10 Dir_hi10 Dir_low10 free    
converted to binary =    
converted to decimal =    
Converted value in output units = bit SUM  
units n/a V m/s m/s m/s deg deg deg deg      
max no. of values      
min value    
max value    
req min value 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
req max value  
    Wind_ave10 value is mean (average) wind speed for the 10 minute interval.  
    Wind_max10 value is added to the Wind_ave10 value.  
    Wind_min10 value is subtracted from the Wind_ave10 value.  
    Dir_ave10 is the mean (average) wind direction for the 10 minute interval.  
    Dir_max10 is the wind direction of the maximum gust wind speed (Wind_max10).   
    Dir_hi10 value is added and Dir_lo10 subtracted from the Dir_ave10.   
    These values set the range of wind directions to the right and left of the mean wind value, in-between which 68.2% wind speeds occurred during the sampling time interval of 10 minutes.  
    Sensor Error or N/A = Maximum possible bit value for each measurand in binary = 111111…. (FFFFF…. In hex) signifies measurement error code.  
Byte string conversion calculations to binary number format
 number position in byte string =
hex value @ position in byte string =
converted to binary value @ position in byte string =
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