OPEN Data Format: MeteoRain IoT Sigfox & LoRaWAN wireless message bit string verifier calculator
This calculator is mean for quick message string payload decoding for MeteoRain IoT micro weather stations that send a 3 byte bit-shifted string.
Input 3 byte string (hex) =                          
hex converted to binary =                          
bit shifting string start position =                          
Physical Property Measured = Type Battery Rain (revolving) Empty                                        
converted to binary =                          
converted to decimal =                          
Converted value in output units =                          
units n/a V mm                                          
max no. of values                          
min value                          
max value                        
req min value 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0                          
req max value                        
T_max & Irr_max values are added to the Temperature and Irradiation readings which are currently set to be 10min averages of 15sec measuring intervals. T_min is subtracted from the Temperature reading.
Sensor Error or N/A = Maximum possible value for the physical property which in binary = 111111…. (FFFFF…. In hex)
11 byte string conversion calculations to binary number format
 number position in byte string =
hex value @ position in byte string =
converted to binary value @ position in byte string =
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